Friday, May 04, 2018


Our sending organization, the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM), provides us with a ministry family and financial accountability, but they require us to raise all of our own financial support through financial partners. We need to raise approximately $6,000 a month to cover our salary, insurance, retirement, and travel expenses (we currently receive about $4,000 a month in support, so there is plenty of room for additional partners). We also need to raise an additional $5000 a month for the Agua Yaku water project and $2000 a month for El Alfarero women's ministries.  Just so you are aware, 14% of all donations are designated by the EFCCM for administrative expenses in Canada. Please pray for our ministry and prayerfully consider becoming one of our valued financial partners.

For U.S. Residents:
Because the EFCCM is a Canadian organization, donations made directly to the EFCCM by U.S. residents are not tax deductible in the U.S. However, U.S. residents may make tax deductible contributions to this ministry through the EFCA—the Evangelical Free Church of America. Contributions received by the EFCA will go directly to the EFCCM for the Beams support and designated projects. A year-end tax receipt will be sent to the address you provide certifying the donations.

You may donate online using a credit card, or set up an automatic monthly contribution by visiting the EFCA website at the following link. Be sure to designate the gift for Daniel and Vanessa Beams, specifying one of following accounts:  Beams Support (#001-0116),  Agua Yaku (#001-0083), or El Alfarero Women's Ministries (#001-0141).

If you prefer to mail a check, please click on the link below to download and print a mail-in form.

For Canadian Residents:
Please donate directly through the EFCCM website.  You will receive the appropriate year-end tax donation letter. Be sure to and use the pull-down menu to designate the donation for the “Beams, Danny and Vanessa,” or select "other" and specify either: Agua Yaku--acct. #2-5035, or the Ruth and Noemi Transition House--acct. #2-5033.  To make your contribution a recurring monthly contribution, please follow the instructions on the donation page and email the home office with your request.

Use the following link to print a mail-in form to send in with your check to the EFCCM.

For more information write to us at: or visit our ministry blogs at:, and

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