Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You may make an online donation using a credit card, or set up an automatic monthly contribution by visiting the EFCA website at the following links.

The account number should already be filled in, but if not, be sure to designate the gift for Daniel and Vanessa Beams, specifying acct. #001-0116 to contribute to the Beams support account,  #001-0083 for Agua Yaku, and #001-0141 for the Ruth and Noemi Transition Home.

First things first, we need your prayer support. With a strong prayer team behind us, God will use us in this ministry to reach many people for Him.  Also important--we are seeking ministry partners who can support us financially. The EFCCM provides the structure of a church family, prayer, and spiritual and financial accountability, but they ask that we raise our own financial support to pay for living expenses, travel, ministry expenses, etc. Please pray for our ministry and prayerfully consider your financial investment in this ministry.

We need to raise approximately $6,000 a month to cover our living and ministry expenses. We currently receive about $4000 a month in support, so there is plenty of room for additional partners. Thirteen percent (13%) of all donations are designated by the EFCCM for administrative expenses, 87% of donations go to our ministry in Bolivia. If you would like to designate your gift for a specific project, please include a special note stating such when you make a contribution. If you know of anyone else (a church or individual) who might be interested in this ministry, please share with them what we are doing and have them contact us.

Because the EFCCM is a Canadian organization, donations made directly to the EFCCM by U.S. residents are not tax deductible. However, U.S. residents may make tax deductible contributions to this ministry through the EFCA—the Evangelical Free Church of America. All Contributions received by the EFCA will go directly to the EFCCM for the Beams support. A year-end tax receipt will be sent to the address you provide confirming the donations.

If you do not need a U.S. tax receipt, you can help us out by sending contributions directly to the EFCCM in Canada, and thus avoiding the 5% administration fee that the EFCA charges. You can make an on-line contribution directly to the EFCCM at the following link.  Please remember that the donation on this site is collect in Canadian dollars (currently about 75% of the value of U.S. dollars).  So if, for example, you want to donate100 US$, you would need put $133.00 on the form.

Be sure to and use the pull-down menu to designate the donation for the “Beams, Danny and Vanessa,” or select "other" and specify either: Agua Yaku--acct. #2-5035, or the Ruth and Noemi Transition House--acct. #2-5033.  To make your contribution a recurring monthly contribution, please follow the instructions on the donation page and email the home office with your request.

Old-Fashioned Mail: Use the following links to print a mail-in form to send in with your check to either the EFCA or the EFCCM.

For more information write to us at: or visit our ministry blogs at:, and

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