Monday, July 16, 2007

Out There with the Beams -- July 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been a long time since we last saw you or talked to you. Sorry! We have been kind of busy getting settled back in Bolivia. Our first month and a half has been fun and interesting. Also praise the Lord, it has been safe. Thank you all for your prayers.

After being here for three and a half weeks, we had two boys staying with us for almost a month. These two young men are Kris Gorton and Jonathan Miller from Lexington, KY. They came here to do some mission work and to find out what it would be like to be a missionary in South America. It was a blast having them here. Both guys very helpful and friendly. We (all the Beams family) have enjoyed and learned lots from both boys.

Danny has been working on restarting water well drilling projects and has already being involved in two wells, one of them took place at about 5 hours away from Santa Cruz and the other one closer to the city. He was going to start another one last week but we had to cancel due to the bad weather.

I, Vanessa, have been very busy but finally finished translating 60 pages for the Centro de Vida. This translation was part of a counseling manual which will be used by Life International in all the Spanish speaking countries where they operate. Very interesting, I learned a lot during the translation process.

Our two youngest kids (Luciana and Isaiah) are currently attending Vacation Bible School which has been brought here by a super nice mission team! Praise Jesus! Nathaniel has been sticking around helping his dad with wells. All three of them are excited to start school again. If the radical politics of Bolivia don’t get in the way, they will start on Aug. 9th.

I am enjoying a little break in between jobs. Soon I will start my weekly meetings with my girls from Cristo Viene and Talita Cumi children’s homes at my house. We will be reading the book “The Healing of Memories” and also making crafts. I will also start volunteering at our kids school on a weekly basis. Oh ya, I will soon need to throw another Talita Cumi birthday party!

It has been a huge blessing to be able to adjust life in Bolivia much faster this time around. Our community of friends and brothers and sisters in Christ has made us feel loved and welcome.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord for a safe trip back to Bolivia. Also for a safe place to live at. Praise Him for our new friends Kris and Jonathan and for His amazing love and peace!
Please pray for Liliana and Fernanda from the Cristo Viene home who have left the home at the moment, please pray for their salvation and future. Pray for our friend Carlos (Danny’s partner in the well ministry) as he becomes a more mature and committed follower of Jesus. Pray also that if it is God’s will we may find another house to rent, we are having some problems with our landlord. Also pray for our children’s safety, protection and character as school starts again. And pray for my health as I have been enduring another urinary tract infection and four rounds of antibiotics including painful shots! And please pray for patience for Danny as he works on setting up the well ministry and for safety for him all the time. A special request would be for a little 6 year old little girl from Cristo Viene, called Rosario who has been recovered after much abuse and neglect. She is now unable to walk and very weak, she needs vitamins and calcium and lots of love, please pray for her healing both emotional and physical.

Thank you for being with us in prayer and for being our partners as we try to be Jesus’ hands and feet. We couldn’t be here without your support. We appreciate everyone’s faithfulness in keeping us with your monthly pledges. If our ministry is new to you and you would like to contribute to our ministry please open the attachment called “How to make a Donation” and follow the instructions.

We pray that God’s presence will be with you right now, we pray you will hear Him and feel Him and see Him today too.

We love you and miss you. Come visit us soon!

Vanessa (for all the Beams)

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