Saturday, January 31, 2009

Out There with the Beams -- January 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

This is Vanessa writing this month. It is a beautiful day here in Bolivia. It is cloudy and windy and we haven’t turned our air conditioning on because it is finally cool enough!! We pray that you too are enjoying a nice day and that you are blessed with loving and healthy family and friends. The Lord is faithful and good. Despite the somewhat complicated political circumstances, we have been able to continue to work and have a very normal life here in Santa Cruz. We would like to ask you to pray for Bolivia and its new Socialist Constitution. We are concerned about the effects this may have in our work as Christian missionaries and in our personal lives; for example, we don’t yet know exactly how the new Constitution will impact the school that our children attend.

We do have a lot to praise the Lord for. The water well project continues to progress and more and more people continue to benefit from the project. Last week, Danny and his “Agua Yaku” team, our Bolivian pastor, and a team from YWAM (Youth with a Mission) went to a Yuracare Indian community in the jungle called Tres Islas and successfully drilled a well for them. The only access to these communities is by river. Danny takes the drilling equipment in on dugout canoes. Because it is impossible to even get the larger truck drilling rigs into these parts of the jungle, these are the first water wells these communities have ever had. The pictures Danny took are absolutely beautiful and you will soon be able to see them on our web page

Danny and I have been attending a marriage course. I love it! It is difficult sometimes but it is good stuff and I thank the Lord for providing an opportunity to refresh our relationship, heal our wounds and strengthen our bond together. We have been married for 11 years! And I want to make it public (since Valentine’s is coming) that I love my husband with all my heart! He truly is the man the Lord had for me, and through him God has showed me what it means to love unconditionally and patiently.

Luciana went to Junior High camp last week too. The Lord protected her. When I picked her up she sat next to me in the car, with her little sunburnt face and she talked and talked nonstop until she sat on the floor and I sat on the couch and then all of the sudden she stopped! When I looked I realized she was fast asleep and remained like that for two days!

During Danny’s and Luciana’s trip, Isaiah and I had a lot of fun. We went swimming and had a sleep over, we read a lot together and as a special treat we went to Burger King together with some friends.

Plans for the Transition/Refuge House are still going despite few setbacks. We had a meeting with seven Bolivian friends who are considering being part of the board, so please pray for them as they make a decision. And I would like to thank (I would hug you if I could) to all of those who have already been donating money towards this new project. You guys are part of the confirmation that the Lord has given us to do this. Please continue praying for the girls: Gaby, Teresa, Viviana, Julia, and Betty (pictured above lt. to rt.) to remain in Jesus, for the Lord to protect their bodies and minds, and to show them clearly that He does have a plan for their lives.
We are now looking for a house (that we can afford) where we can begin for the first year. We also need a name for the ministry, so if you think of that perfect name, please let me know.
I praise the Lord that in Him, despite circumstances all around us, we are not hopeless!

As special prayer requests please pray for Danny’s dear uncle Alan who is battling illness and also for my beloved aunt Jacinta who is in the same situation.

Thank you for always being there for us. Thank you for not just being our financial partners but our true and faithful friends and prayer warriors. You mean a lot to us. We love you.

Vanessa for all the Beams