Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Out There with the Beams -- February 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

This is Vanessa writing this month. We love all of you so much. It has been a lot of fun being here in the States for a little over six months and seeing you all and hearing about your lives and plans for the future. I personally have enjoyed getting to know some of you better and reconnecting with already close friends. I can finally say I am ready to go back to Bolivia. I knew we were going back all along but it is always so hard to see people we love and not wish we could be here a little longer.

Even here I continue to see God’s provision for us. We are very thankful to Mr. Hershinow for letting us stay at this cute house that has pretty much turned into our home for the last months. And also we are starting to see some responses for financial support for our ministry. But the neatest thing in my eyes has been that as we travel I tend to talk a lot, especially with other women. As I have shared my story many times, and sometimes in great detail with some of you, I hear all these words and truths coming out of my mind and my heart and the person sitting in the back of my ear cannot believe it!!!
I say to the Lord: “Really Lord how great you are You took my life and made it new and now I follow you because you want me to.”

My life is very different now. Jesus’ promises are true!! I just want to jump and turn and scream!!! I sure hope those of you reading this letter won’t think I have totally lost it.
I do want to clarify that even though Jesus has brought lots of healing and changes into my life that doesn’t mean I am perfect or that I have it all together because I sure don’t. Even last night the devil was attacking me with some new bad memories. But this time again my beloved husband listened to me. Prayed for me and held me. God bless his heart! I am sure he was thinking “Ok, how long more do I need to hug her! My arms hurt.” But even then I see Jesus taking care of me. He chose Danny because He knew I needed a big tall guy with whom I feel his love and protection. Thank you Jesus for my husband!!

As I was going through a crazy doubtful morning trying to have some quiet time, my mind repeating over and over: “be still, be still, be still for He is God” my heart wondering: “what is next Lord, please show me!” I started reading an article my beautiful friend Melissa gave me and it said: “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” Isaiah 61:1-2 And I knew then again Jesus has called me. Not just my precious husband but me! And I am petrified!!!! I mean I have known this for quite a while but not like this not so clear. Do I know some sweet hearts that are broken? Do I know some poor kids? You bet! Do I feel I can teach them anything? No! But can I reassure them Jesus does love them?? Can I certainly tell them that in the darkest times of their lives He was the only one looking out for them and crying with them? Yes! Can I share my story? Yes! Can I tell them again and again His promises are true and He can turn everything around and make our weaknesses our strengths? Yes!

When Jesus wants to speak truth to us He will do so and we will hear it! At least it has happened to me. All these different people—pastors, counselors, friends, co-workers, missionaries, children, sisters in-law, neighbors, books, movies, circumstances, songs, etc. have been used by God to reveal truth to me that was perfect to heal specific wounds and have just been printed in me. I want to be one of those people to my Bolivian kids! I want to be used to pass on Jesus’ truths by talking, listening, praying, hugging, sharing, or maybe by just being there!

Something else happened to us recently that I want to share; my beautiful sister in-law, Susan, as she always does, was sharing a neat way of finding scripture to pray over our families. It is called birth verses. Using a webpage you are given a Bible verse that matches the month and date of verse of each loved one. Here is my husband’s who was born on July 7th 1964: “Ask, and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened for you” Can you guys believe it? I mean aren’t we raising money and looking for prayer partners?

The reason I shared this is to thank of all of you who graciously take the time to read our letters, thank you! Also those of you who have already pledged to our ministry with so much generosity, thank you! And all of you who pray with and for us, please pray this verse with us! Help us cling on to God’s promise of provision and protection for our family.
Also I just know that the Lord is so wise to have given this verse for my husband’s date of birth since he is our leader and family provider. And you know what else?? He has already kept that part where it says to knock and the door will be opened for us. I mean I still can’t believe we are already part of a new mission that has just taken us in with open arms and enthusiasm!

So there, dear friends and families, please keep partnering with us as we are still and wait for the Lord patiently.

Our prayer to you is that He may multiply his blessings over you and your family, may healing and rebirth come to you, provision and protection be given to you too and may His presence be in all the spaces you are in!

With tons of love,
For all the Beams (Danny, Vanessa, Nathaniel, Luciana and Isaiah)

Daniel and Vanessa Beams-- EFCCM Missionaries
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