Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Out There with the Beams -- May 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

As most of you are aware, we are headed back to Bolivia on May 19th to begin our ministry with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (the EFCCM). I can’t believe the time has finally come for us to return. For a while it felt as if we had been in the U.S. for too long, but now that we have to say goodbye again and it feels too quick!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your love and friendship. Also thanks to those of you who opened your homes to us in the last few months. Thanks to those who have decided to be our new financial and prayer partners. Thanks to those of you who were already our financial partners and are continue to support our ministry!
A special thanks too to all those who in one way or another have contributed to our work in Bolivia. We know many of you are making a sacrifice to support our work and we would like to let you know we really really appreciate it!

It has been great meeting so many new friends in Texas, Indiana, and Kentucky with whom we have been able to share our ministry. If you are new to our support team, welcome aboard. We pray that many of you will feel God’s leading to begin supporting this ministry. We are still short of meeting our budget. Either a monthly pledge or a onetime gift will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure God will do a magnificent work with your investment in His work in Bolivia.

We are looking forward to getting back into our ministry work. Danny will continue drilling water wells in poor communities, helping families gain access to clean water for household use and for their livestock and farm crops. We hope to develop a number of unique ways to help poor farmers increase their income and be able to better provide for their families. Our goal is to share the love of Christ in both word and deed.

Vanessa will be focusing first in an emotional and spiritual healing program with the girls on her puppet and clown teams (ten girls). She will continue to volunteer at Talita Cumi, the Cristo Viene homes and the Nacer children’s homes. She will also be helping at our kid’s school and the Centro de Vida (a pregnancy crisis center).

Please stay in touch through e-mail or phone calls. We love hearing your latest family news and also prayer requests. I know you guys are always praying for us and one way we can give back to you is by praying for you together with our church in Bolivia and with the kids (ours and our adopted ones).

We are excited to know several of you will be coming to visit us soon!! We can’t wait. The more the better. It just makes life so much better and fun when we see people we love more often! And work together for the Lord!

Please continue to pray for Vanessa’s health as she is considered at high risk for breast cancer. Please also pray for our family as once again we embark on a new adventure. Pray for His protection and provision. This time, praise the Lord, things are much different. We have great friends in Bolivia and feel as if we have a family waiting for us! Literally, our friends have fumigated our house, filled the pantry with groceries, and are waiting for us with lunch!!! How awesome is Jesus! How great and generous!

Special thanks to Brian Hershinow who so graciously let us live in one of his apartments in Lexington, and to Danny’s parents who have hosted us for the last month and a half!! Talk about unconditional love! This letter should have been a huge list of thanks to all of you!!! Not enough paper!

We are happy to share that Nathaniel, our oldest son, is also coming with us this time, though 3 weeks later. He’ll be with us for the school year! And Luciana is now the Junior High Mountain Bike State Champion of Kentucky. Last but not least Isaiah has learned to ride his bike without any training wheels!

Please visit our blog and photo gallery. We will try to keep it updated regularly.

See you soon,
With tons of love,

For all the Beams (Danny, Vanessa, Nathaniel, Luciana and Isaiah)