Monday, April 03, 2006

Beams Bytes -- April 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for your continued prayers and support of this ministry. We feel the hand of God working in Bolivia and are encouraged to continue serving here through our ministries with World Concern, and the orphanages and the crisis pregnancy center that Vanessa is working with. The political situation continues to be basically calm despite threats of instability. Continue to pray for the country as we head into a constitutional assembly in August. Things could get dicey as opposing political factions hash out a new constitution.

Both Terry Waller and Paul Closen have recovered from the serious illnesses they contracted in Nicaragua. I was a true miracle that Paul survived and no doubt a strong testimony for the power of prayer. We had a great visit with my brother Jason and his family, and with the team from his church. They were here with an evangelical team sharing the Gospel and working with new churches in the urban periphery of Santa Cruz.

Our biggest need this month is prayer for the future of World Concern in Bolivia and what role our family will play in the ministry here. The World Concern Latin American area office has closed because of funding cuts in Seattle home office and our work and expansion in other countries of Latin America has been postponed. We feel that God wants us to continue working in Bolivia. Pray for His will to be revealed and that some sticky transitional issues can be resolved quickly.

We appreciate our strong base of prayer warriors and supporters back home and we want you to know that the work we do here would not be possible without your faithful support of this ministry.

In His Grace,

Mailing address:

Daniel and Vanessa Beams
World Concern
Parapeti #146 -- Casilla 3681
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Office Telephone: 011 591 3336 3664
Home Telephone: 011 591 3352 9156

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