Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pillow Fight


Strider said...

So, there I was perusing Missinary Bloggers and I saw the 'Beams' name and I thought to myself- hey, that could be Danny. And so it is. I have an incognito identity because I live in a not so secure muslim country with a communist government. But you are a clever guy and can probably figure out who I am. After all we went rock climbing in Monteray together nearly 20 years ago now- before your father married me and my lovely wife.
I will try and shoot you an e-mail tomorrow from my computer- I am on my wife's- and maybe we could reconnect a little. If nothing else you could go see my blog and make disruptive comments on it if you would like.
So, good looking family. I will be praying for you to get the support you need and for you to get to the place God wants you- and has wanted you ever since I have known you.
Signed: Your old friend. Yeah, I know, if only you could remember my name. Look at the bright side I am an old friend who has no intention of selling you Amway.

EFCCM said...

Have I mentioned how excited I am to have you guys serving with us? I really am!

I hope you guys all feel at home quickly, and the transition goes smoothly. And I really hope to see a flood of your awesome photography coming our way!