Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Isaiah Climbs 300 foot Radio Tower

This past weekend our family went out to Pailon to help put the roof on a quechua church that the Friesen's and the EFCCM are helping build. We also went out the the RTM radio station to relax a while and visit with the Friesen's and a several other missionary families working with the Mennonites and Quechua's. Last month Nathaniel and I climbed the 300 foot radio tower on the property, so on this visit Isaiah wanted to do the same.

Here is a picture of Isaiah starting out on his climb.

Here he is about half way up. His little arms and legs were getting tired, but he kept going.

If you look closely, you can just make out Isaiah climbing on the outside of the tower about 50 feet below the crows nest, where he could finally get a rest.

Note: Of course this is only a joke. Just wanted to see if anyone is reading this blog. I would never let Isaiah climb up this tower. He really did want to climb it, but I only let him go up about 10 feet for the picture. Nathaniel, Jonathan, and I really did climb it, but we used harnesses and a safety rope.


EFCCM Communications said...

Well you got my attention! I'm rather relieved that this is make-believe.

I don't think there's been any point in my life where I would've thought that climbing a 300ft seemed like something to do just for kicks. Although if there was a prize-winning picture that could be taken from the top... :-)

Micah said...

I was totally fooled. Beautiful pictures of the scenery and family.

Steven said...

Yeap, I'm reading. I was very curious if what I was reading was true, but I thought maybe it was a cultural thing.

Your Lexington, KY friend who you met at Viviana & Daniel's on New Years Eve 2006.

Steven Gabbard