Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Three Yuqui Children in Talita Cumi

Today we helped get three Yuqui indian girls into Talita Cumi. Sonia (10), Miriam (9), and Katarin (6), came from Bia Recuate to live at Talita Cumi. Sonia's mother died several years ago, and her father doesn't have the means to take care of his children. Pray also for Sonia's sister Miriam (14), and brother Isaias (6). Miriam and Katarin are sisters. Both of their parents are living, but the father cannot work after a machete injury. They have five kids, but cannot take care of all of them. So, now that they are being cared for at Talita Cumi they will go to school and get three meals a day.


Andy Schwab said...

Mr. Beams,
My name is Andy Schwab, and I am working with Heidi Janeke on writing a prayer letter for Talita Cumi. We are both hoping to include a little bit about the four newest girls, three of whom you mention here. (the other one came from another family here in Santa Cruz) Heidi gave me your phone number, so I'll probably call you tomorrow, but I wanted to give you a heads up that I am looking for a little bit of information about them. Thanks! Great pictures, by the way!

Sarah Earnhart said...

Hello there! My name is Sarah Beth and I’m an MK in Peru! I came across your blog today and I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I added your blog to my blog. See, I have a blog for MKs and I’m added other missionaries blogs that way other ppl can see what God is doing in your field through your ministry.

My blog it:


Smiling for Jesus,
Sarah Beth

Irma Leon said...

The Lord bless you with new and great blessings! Jesus is happy because you've take care of His little children. Time id short work until there is light, soon darkness will como for those who don't cover their lifes and hearts with God's mercy and eternal love which is in Jesus our Lord!
Servan of the only true God