Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out There with the Beams - April 2009

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for reading this letter and continually pray for us. I (Vanessa) am very happy to say that we will see you soon! We will be leaving Bolivia on May 24 and will be in the U.S. until August 7th. We are excited to see you all and to be in your beautiful country again. Please pray for our trip, especially for our flights since I don’t really enjoy flying.

It is also exciting for me to tell you that the girls transition house is already in place. We found an affordable house which needed only a few repairs and we have opened it to girls in need. This house will be used as a safe transition place for girls from the Talita Cumi orphanage who are too old to continue living there but who would like to continue to study and work. Also, it will be a refuge for women who are pregnant but have no place to go to, so that they will make a decision to give birth to their babies. We have three bedrooms, so we hope to be able to host between 6 to 9 girls. The Lord has shown me that even when one is sick, tired and unsure, He can accomplish the things that seem impossible to us. I was recently very sick and thought this house wasn’t going to happen before we left on home assignment! Also, God led us to someone who will live permanently with the girls and help disciple and mentor them. Her name is Marizabel and she is a wonderful single Christian lady who is willing to serve the Lord in any way she can. Please also pray for her as she starts this new stage in her life and pray for the Lord’s provision and protection both for her and for the girls.

Another very important prayer request would be for the girls themselves. They are going through an incredible time deciding whether or not they want to live in the transition home (although they had said yes to me before). All I can say is that the devil can seem very smart at times. We can clearly see the Lord’s hand in this and His plan for these girls but sadly a lot of them don’t see it! I know there is an invisible battle going on. Please pray the Lord will win their hearts all over again and that they will yield to Him so that their lives will be healed and restored.

Danny has recently been in several trips out of town drilling wells with his team of workers and I praise the Lord every time he comes back home safe and sound! You all know I am the worrier. I am learning to trust God and as I go I feel so honored that He would let me serve Him. Thank you all who pray for Danny’s protection, the Lord is listening!

Our children are doing great! Isaiah just turned 7 two days ago. I can’t believe it! He is so big! He has gone from being this very cautious, talkative little guy to being a very active—climbing roofs and cabinets, mixing toothpaste and hand sanitizer tornado! He is fun and keeps us in shape! Luciana is just beautiful. She is my right hand at home! She is also very excited to see all her friends and cousins in Texas and Kentucky.
Nathaniel is doing really well with his racing, as most of you know he is a cyclist just like his dad. He has won a couple of races this spring and trains incredible lengths of time and distance everyday! We are praying for him right now as he decides whether or not he will come here for his senior year. Please help us pray the Lord will show him what the best decision for his life will be.

Again thank you for being our partner in ministry. All the successes in ministry here are yours too! We love you and appreciate all you have done for us and all you have given to Jesus by giving to our work.

Love Vanessa (for the Beams)

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