Saturday, October 31, 2009

Out There with the Beams -- October 2009

Queridos amigos y familia,

Hello again, it is a beautiful cool morning here in Santa Cruz. We are very grateful for all our Christian family who continually lifts us in prayer and we want to thank you for that. Truly the Lord protects us here in ways that we may not see at first but that are obvious later.

We've had lots of fun with teams recently, the last team who visited was a team from our home church Crossroads Christian, in Kentucky. Danny took most of them to drill wells in the jungle and the rest of team stayed with me in the city to work with the girls from the transition house. Although we had a lot of fun, little went according to plan, but all along I could feel the Lord's provision in that team to show me and my kids His awesome love and support. We were able to have an orientation night for the girls from Talita Cumi who will be coming to live at the house next February. During the orientation, team members shared their testimonies. I am thankful to the Lord that He is who He is everywhere and not just here in Bolivia, and I am thankful that my girls from Santa Cruz were able to see that even though there is incredible pain in other parts of the world, God's amazing healing never fails! We of course also had a fun night with all the girls—a night filled with music, yummy food, movies, photo shoots and laughter!

The jungle team successfully drilled three wells in a community called "Laguna Corazon Sur" as you can imagine the wells are a huge blessing to these families who had to walk up to an hour to get water, and who had to drink from this slimy dark swamp. God is so good! Especially for making it possible that there was water to be found in the first place.

We also had the privilege to host our Crossroads pastor, Glen Schneiders who came with our dear friend John Kelly to see what the Lord is doing in Bolivia. They visited all our projects (EFCCM) and of course couldn't leave without going on one of Danny's epic hikes, those of you who know Danny know exactly what I am talking about. We are so impressed that both John and Glen jumped from a very tall waterfall! And both are still alive!

I think my favorite thing about teams coming to Bolivia is that I get to see Bolivia for the first time again through their eyes. And even though we have to answer lots of questions, it is so interesting to see what areas of this beautiful land most strike people's eyes and hearts.

Another good bit of news is that we have moved to a gated community. I (Vanessa) am very grateful to the Lord for helping us find this house. And I do feel much safer, especially when Danny is traveling. Isaiah loves being able to walk to his friend Daniel's house all by himself, Please pray for new friends for him since Daniel and his family are soon moving back to England.

Luciana and Nathaniel are both doing great, Luciana will turn 15 this December, which in the Latin culture is a big deal! I don't think we will have the huge ball though, but we will for sure do something fun. Nathaniel is taller and handsomer than ever and he has had lots of fun working alongside his dad out in the jungle, and also spending lots of time with Isaiah. Pray for Nathaniel as he goes off to college that the Lord will provide a good, fun, loving church for him and He will protect Nathaniel in all His ways. And pray that Luciana will continue to make Jesus the center of her live as she steps into this new year of her life.

At the end of November we will all be going to Cochabamba. Danny is taking his water project team to a training on water purification and the kids and I are joining since they will be out of school.

Again thank you for all your support, for taking time to read our letters, and for your invaluable prayers for our family. We love you very much, and we would love to hear from you and see you, so please come and visit!

Con mucho amor,

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