Thursday, July 01, 2010

Out There with the Beams – June 2010

Beloved and missed friends and family,

Wow, this has been a busy and crazy summer so far and there is more to come.
Maybe we should start by praising the Lord for his Love, Provision and Patience. He has kept us safe, well fed, alive and for the most part content!

I am still discovering who Jesus is and how He relates to me. Sometimes He is my daddy and sometimes when I really need a hug He is the wind!

I have recently read a book about prayer where the event of the cross is describe as a series of encounters and breaking ups! Encounters between God's love and justice, between good and evil, between life and death, between the desire of the devil to take us away and the reaction of a loving powerful God, encounters between human and divine! The main break-up is the one between us and the forces of evil, between us and the darkness that can sometimes drive our lives! I loved it! It helps me to see my God in a new refreshing way! His power accomplished so many things with one amazing event! I also learned that Jesus represents us in front of His Father as well as He represents his Father to us. When we pray, intercede we are being introduced to the Father by Jesus whom we belong to. I am more aware now of the power of prayer and the team work between us, Jesus and the Father! I am saying all of this because I am also 100% convinced that nothing will change here or anywhere without prayer. There is a huge load in my heart to pray for the girls from the transition house and other children and young adults who lack the faith to allow change in their lives.

Last month we had a team from Brazos Pointe Fellowship- Texas, who came and completely renovated the transition house! It is so beautiful now. The walls are bright and clean, we have colorful new curtains and the bedrooms are happy and neat! These guys worked so hard, it makes me dizzy to remember that week! We also had a training for the staff and volunteers in which we learned about how to better structure our rules and our partnership to the Centro de Vida (Pregnancy Crisis Center) The training was held by a wonderful lady from a house similar to ours called Safe Have in Lake Jackson-Texas all throughout the week this lady kept on saying: " Different people, same problems!" So please, make us one of your prayer requests, both the Ruth and Noemi Transition House and Safe Haven!

I really loved the day that we just prayed for all the girls that have gone through the house, and then we prayed for the house itself, we went into each room and it was so wonderful to hear all these voices at the same time, there were words like: Father, friendships, safety, laughter, I mean I just caught some of them, but I know God heard them all!

Since the team left we got one new girl and two more have come to see the house and are still thinking about it!

On a more personal note, Saturday was my birthday, I turned 36 and Danny's birthday is tomorrow! Praise God for life! I am thankful for mine, I am thankful for my beautiful family, for my loving husband and for the awesome opportunity to serve God.

Please remember that you guys are also part of this ministry and that you are serving hand in hand with us, as you pray for us and those we serve, as you support us financially, as you come and visit and work with us. God is using you as well!

We love you very much!

Danny and Vanessa Beams

EFCCM missionaries in Bolivia

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