Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beams Bytes – September 2005

Beloved Friends and Family,

It’s me, Vanessa. It has been a while since I have written the newsletter. We have been doing well. The other day a friend commented on how much better adjusted I am to Bolivia now compared to a year ago. I had two thoughts then. The first one was: “Wow! I’ve been in Bolivia over a year. Never thought I would make it! And the second one was: “Yeah! I am no longer afraid of everything, (at least not of most things)” It is so true, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

We have several praises to give to the Lord. Here they are: Our dear friend Meghan McFaden (Luciana’s teacher last year) and her husband, who were living in New Orleans, are safe after Hurricane Katrina. Also, I am starting a new puppet ministry with children of missionaries and orphan teenagers, and we will have our first presentation this coming Saturday.

Our three children are healthy and enjoying life, and although Nathaniel is far away from us right now we are able to talk to him every single week and keep up with his crazy adventures. Danny has had several successful trips to other towns to drill water wells and has also had the opportunity to share his faith with several young men. I have had the opportunity of being a substitute teacher at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center and enjoyed the school atmosphere and the students’ good sense of humor and wonderful respectful behavior. We’ve also had another birthday party for the kids from Talita Cumi and celebrated 9 birthdays and it was the last birthday party for Mery (6) who got adopted by a wonderful missionary family together with her brother and sister, Praise the Lord!! Her new mom came to the party with her, it was just awesome to see the sparkle in her eyes as she proudly told me she has a new family. Our church, Trinity Christian has found a pastor. And what Nathaniel described as a miracle, I have started working out every morning at a nearby gym together with other missionary ladies and teenage girls from the Talita Cumi Orphan Home.

Thanks to the Owingsville Baptist WMU, we were also able to take Jhonny, a young boy from the Cristo Viene Boys Home, to the doctor to take care of a skin disease. Thank you guys and thank you Jesus for moving through your people.

Ok, as I am sure most of you dear ones know, there are tons of needs in this country. I mean needs so huge I can’t even begin to describe. But I am aware now that I in my whole life time will not even be able to solve all of them. But if by living here I can make a positive, encouraging and loving contribution to one person’s life that will enough.

I have been sharing Jesus with several people but I have three in mind right now who can really use some prayer for their salvation and lots of additional blessings in their lives. One of them is my hairdresser Lupe, she and her husband are having relationship problems. She is seeking God and would like to raise her children in a Christian home. Her husband claims to be a devout Catholic but acts in a rather abusive way. This week though they have both agreed to talk to Danny and I for some kind of counseling session. I can pretty much see your faces going: “Danny and Vanessa counseling…?” Well everything is possible with Jesus, right? I am just kidding I am very scared at the thought but I really want this guy to see another man just like him who is willing to take care of his children, cook, clean, and be supportive of his wife if necessary. By the way, Praise the Lord for my husband!!! And pray for us for good listening skills and good and patient responses.
Another person I would like you to pray for is my friend Sol, she has a baby girl and lives up in the mountains where there is no electricity or clean water. She has no husband. Pray that she will make a decision to accept Christ in her life and follow only Him. Finally, pray for my aunt Flor who lives in La Paz. She accepted Christ several months ago when she and her daughter Kira came to visit us in Santa Cruz. Pray for her husband Victor and his salvation and for a good supporting church for all three of them.

As always dear and missed friends and family please pray for us all. Pray for good health, protection and enough financial supporters so we can meet our yearly budget.

Please know that we love you, miss you, many times dream about you and will love seeing you all either here in Bolivia or where you are right now.
With lots of love,
Vanessa, for the Beams

Mailing address:

Daniel and Vanessa Beams
World Concern
Parapeti #146 -- Casilla 3681
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Office Telephone: 011 591 3336 3664
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