Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Monkey Business

On Monday and Tuesday, Vanessa, Isaiah and I went up to Samaipata to help drill a water well. Drilling in the mountains is more difficult than down in the lowlands because of the variable terrian. We are trying to develop some new techniques that will make it easier to get through rocks. We were drilling at the home of a family with a small zoo. They have several kinds of monkeys, as well as parrots and some other exotic jungle creatures. Several of the monkeys are treated as members of the family and they have never met a stranger. This particular fellow, named Nunu, would not let go of Vanessa. He acted like a small child. Isaiah picked Vanessa a flower and then Nunu picked Vanessa a leaf. He handed the leaf to Vanessa and took Isaiah's flower away and ate it. Nunu loves to hang out in the trees and jump on your head as you walk by underneath the branches.

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